Here’s how I self-published the book ‘The Teenager’s Book of Life’ that in just seven months became a bestseller.

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I obviously have not fully accepted that this has happened because as I wrote that title it felt like it was made up. But it isn’t. I self-published ‘The Teenager’s Book of Life’ on February 18th of this year and since then and as of October 18th it has sold 12,500 copies in Ireland [...]

Notice Love.

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Notice Love... Look for it ...Hiding in the ordinary moments surrounding you. On every street. And every corner. In the dark. On the edge of town. At the school-gate and the crosswalk. In the handing of change. And the embrace of friends.

The Launch.

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Last week my book the Teenager’s Book of Life launched in one hundred Dunnes Stores locations across the island of Ireland. It’s a funny phrase – ‘to launch a book’. In reality the book has been launching in my mind for years, like one of those lanterns you light a match under [...]

Let Them Skate.

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Let Them Skate... My office is across the street from a skatepark in a large Irish town. I can hear the laughter and sounds of skateboards scraping across concrete on clear evenings. The other night, teetering on the edge of permanent brain fog from one too many Zoom calls, I decided to go for a walk.